According to the Bible, the righteous man takes care of the needs of his animals but the kindest act of the wicked is cruel(proverbs 12:10). This verse in the bible to some people has been the backbone for animal welfare for centuries. Now the question most people are asking is how the dawn of a new revolution (5th industrial revolution) and the metaverse affect how people take care of the needs of their animals.

what is the metaverse?

Metaverse is thought to be a conceptualized 3-D virtual world that is going to be an advanced form of the internet of things (IoT) using high-speed internet connectivity (5G), virtual and augmented reality.

what are a metaverse pet, metapet, and the difference between them?

Do metaverse pets refer to avatars in metaverse representing real pets in the real and physical world? Would it rather be animal avatars for humans to experience the life of animals in the metaverse? In contributing to the early-stage development of Metaverse, I prefer to define these conflicting terms as follows:

Metapet is defined as a real pet that has an avatar in the metaverse. The pet’s avatar in the metaverse shall mimic the real pet. This can be possible through the use of holographic images and other 3-D imaging technologies. In most situations, the real pet and metapet are likely to have the same name and other medical parameters. This may present a unique opportunity for medical facilities to save the normal parameters of their patients on their avatars such that at any point in time one can compare the parameters of the avatar to the real patient. In the event that the patients are chipped with supporting technologies, the parameters of patients can be monitored remotely through their Avatars.

A metaverse pet on the other hand shall be a person with an animal avatar in the metaverse with the goal of experiencing animal life or behavior. the reason could also be to mask the metaverse identity of the individual. The metaverse is new and continues to go through changes

what is a metaverse vet?

In the cryptocurrency world, VET is a symbol for the Vechain coin while ETP is the symbol for the metaverse ETP coin. Would the meaning of metaverse Vet become more defined when metaverse rolls out fully?

Metaverse Vet shall represent Veterinary Professionals in the metaverse. Metaverse Vet most likely will be real people or the avatars of real Veterinary Doctors who virtually work in the metaverse.

Metavet on the other hand may represent veterinary-related companies that have metaverse accounts or shops when the metaverse fully rolls out.

What will it be like to have a dog or pet in the metaverse?

In the metaverse, one would have the opportunity to build a life, home, or business just like in real life. If you are a pet lover, you need not worry, you can get pet avatars in the metaverse for your metaverse home or business. The most interesting aspect is that companies are building modules to help you get animal avatars that can mimic your real-life pet.

This can even give you the opportunity to let your favorite pet live on in the metaverse even after his or her death.

Will metaverse help veterinary practice?

The future of Veterinary Practice is going to be more exciting, microchipping veterinary patients and monitoring them remotely by constantly comparing the normal parameters saved in the pet avatars in the metaverse with the constantly changing parameters in the real pets. If any of the parameters went out of range by a margin, veterinarians will be able to prompt the pet owners even before the pet owner becomes aware of the condition in his or her pet. The metaverse will greatly help improve veterinary practice through improved appointment booking methods, virtual consultations methods, improved collaborations among Veterinary staff. It may even be possible to do physical examinations and triage remotely.

what will be the link between veterinary medicine and the Metaverse?

The virtual world has made it possible to live lifestyles they could never have lived in real life. Human society has thrived by solving each other’s problems. The metaverse is helping to solve many of the inefficiencies in human society by merging human intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, augmented and virtual reality as well as high-speed Internet of things.

Veterinary medicine not being an exception would be linked by technology and high-speed internet of things, supercomputers, human/personal assistance(robots), and refined brain-computer interface technologies. It is obvious Doctors using machine personal assistance or brain-computer interfaces technologies to aid efficient medical service delivery is certainly going to happen in the future.

Can my pet be treated in the metaverse?

The professional services of veterinarians shall continue to be relevant even in the metaverse. Telemedicine and telehealth shall continue to be the tool for medical diagnosis and treatments which will be employed in the metaverse.

Can I book appointments with my vet in the metaverse?

Booking appointments shall be transformed in the metaverse. Your veterinarian can schedule your appointments to e in the metaverse, where you can both meet with your avatars to discuss relevant issues regarding the health care of your pet.

Will my current vet be available to attend to my dogs in the metaverse?

the metaverse is going to revolutionize the world and just like adaptations are necessary for every revolution, all businesses, as well as individuals, would have to adapt and accept the metaverse. Chances are that your Vet will be available in the metaverse to address the health care needs of your pets. Certainly, certified veterinarians will be available in the metaverse

Will metaverse vets be allowed to prescribe medications?

All professionals and professions including Veterinarians would have to upgrade and adopt laws to protect the sanity of their professions. In this regard, metaverse vets may prescribe certain professionally accepted medications in the metaverse. For the safety of the pet and the client handling the drugs, administration of certain drugs shall be limited to certified Veterinarians.

Will there be veterinary pharmacies in the metaverse?

The metaverse is a giant virtual world and shall be a fertile platform for entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to build and do businesses likewise veterinary pharmacies. Yes, there will be veterinary pharmacies in the metaverse

Will metaverse pets and metapets live forever?

Metaverse pets and metapets in the virtual world may have the opportunity to live forever as long as the human caretakers keep to the terms and conditions of the metaverse.

Can I give the names of my real pets to my metaverse pets?

YES! you would have the liberty to give any name including  names of your real-life pets to their avatar pets in the metaverse

If my dog were to go through surgery, would I be able to be present in the surgical theatre via metaverse?

As veterinary hospitals develop their infrastructures to become relevant in the metaverse, such facilities would eventually be available. However, some veterinary practices may have terms of conditions for such situations.

Do I need to have a real dog in other to have a dog in the metaverse?

You do not require a real pet to own a pet in the metaverse. You can however get a pet avatar for your real-life pet






Dr. Enoch Obeng is a certified veterinarian with an interest in veterinary content creation. He graduated from the school of veterinary Medicine, University of Ghana. He has a passion for animals and has worked on horses, small animals, poultry, and large animals. His experience in general practice brings him closer to nature and his animal patients. This has fueled his interest in animal psychology and animal behavior.