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About us

Animaltract.com is a website dedicated to educating the world on the animal behavior, psychology, welfare and ways to provide better healthcare to animals by outlining the beauty in what animals like to do.

Study cases are discussed to help veterinary health care providers learn from our experience in the field close to animals and nature.
About 8 out of every 10 domesticated animals face some form of animal cruelty before their natural death or are slaughtered for food in Ghana. This can be attributed to the low level animal literacy rate in the country. Large proportion of pet owners and animal lovers do not have access to or find it difficult to reach quality healthcare for their animals.

Animaltract.com comes in to bridge this gab to provide professional advice to pet owners and animal lovers, explain medical conditions in simple language, explain the wisdom behind animal behavior and bring our followers close to nature.

Articles like my first bite from a dog as a veterinary surgeon, bite from my love, fight against rabies, Pomeranian stress syndrome, pet insurance in Ghana, colic in horses etc are published under the categories of fun facts, large animals, small animals, wildlife in simple terms, easy to understand and apply.

We have certified veterinarians in our team who are available for consultation in poultry, fisheries, wildlife, bovine, caprine, porcine, ovine, canine and feline medicine.